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Key Physical Features of Western Port

Major Land Users in the Western Port Catchment

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Western Port & Catchment

Waterways, Drains, Islands & Shoreline

Satellite Photograph of Western Port

Channels, Mud Flats & Sediment Plumes Streaming into Bass Strait

Western Port Marine Parks & Reserves

Map of the Great Swamp from the historic Map of Australia Felix 1847

Showing the extent of the original swamp, later to be called the Koo Wee Rup Swamp

Climate Change Predictions – Coastal Digital Elevation Model

This DSE map shows the coastal inundation / impact areas resulting from sea level change and tidal extremes due to climate change

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Other Useful Maps

Links - The Tidal Watershed of Western Port
Links - Ramsar Map
Links - BLiniosphere Map
Links - DSE Maps, Images & Data Statewide maps that allow zoom to Western Port or smaller scale, with lots of overlay information that can be turned on or off.

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