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Western port related links

Natural Features


Western Port Ecology and Models

Coast and Marine Portals

Coast Links (portal)

Regional Flora



Mangroves – Use by Aboriginals
Mangrove Guide Book
Changes in Mangrove Areas
Status of Australian Mangroves


Western Port & Victoria

Seagrasses in Western Port (EPA)
Seagrasses of Victoria 


Seagrasses in Queensland Waters
Changes in Seagrass Area
Seagrass Meadows
Seagrasses of Australia
Seagrass Planting – NSW

Terrestrial Plant Species

Information Sheet on Ramsar Site – WP - Contains excellent descriptions of habitats and species.
Melbourne Environment Report 2007   (PP&W CMA)

Regional Fauna

Australian Faunal Directory


Giant Gippsland Earthworm


Frogs of Australia
Frogs of Victoria – Museum of Victoria


Birds Australian Museum – types, photos, video
Bird Finder
Endangered species
Bird Life Australia
Bird Survey of WP
Distribution of sea birds in WP


Cephalopod page


Crustaceans – Australian Museum – descriptions, photos & video


Dolphin Research Institute


Seahorses and dragons in Seagrass Meadows
King George Whiting
Ecology of Juvenile Whiting in Western Port
Fish – Australian Museum, descriptions, photos, video etc
Population dynamics and feeding ecology of pipefish (Syngnathidae) associated with eelgrass beds of Western Port, Victoria.


Museum Victoria Identification service
What is an insect - list of orders and diagrams
Butterflies – Museum of Victoria


Museum Victoria Mammals Info

Marine Life

Marine Life Portal

Marine Images

Marine Images
Marine Pollution Images
Ocean Images


Snakes – Museum of Victoria
Lizards – Museum of Victoria

State of Environment Reports & Environmental Monitoring Reports

Melbourne Environment Report 2007   (PP&W CMA)
Western Port Beach Water Quality Report (EPA)
Waterway condition in the Westernport catchment and western Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne Water)
Estuaries – Healthy Estuaries Determinations (EPA)
Water Quality Data & Reports – Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse.
State of  Marine Report (Victoria)


Local Government in Western Port

Bass Coast
Baw Baw
Mornington Peninsula

Victorian Government Agencies

Central Coastal Board     
Department of Primary Industries
Department of Sustainability and Environment
Environment Protection Authority
Parks Victoria     
Port Phillip and Westernport CMA
West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Australian Government Agencies

Australian Institute of Marine Sciences
Bureau of Meteorology
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
DEWHA (Coasts & Oceans)
Environment Australia - Coasts and Oceans     

Major Regional Businesses

Melbourne Water Corporation
South East Water
South Gippsland Water
Westernport Water
Blue Scope Steel
Port of Hastings Development Authority
Toll Holdings Western Port

Universities (main campus science departments)

Monash Sciences
Melbourne Sciences
La Trobe Sciences
RMIT Sciences
Deakin Environmental Sciences

Marine Science Organisations

Australian Institute of Marine Science
Integrated Coastal Zone Management on the Web
MESA (Marine Education Society of Australasia)
National Dragon Search
CSIRO Marine Research

Marine Education

Marine Education Society of Australasia
Deep Blue Sea Marine Education
Gould League of Victoria
Victorian Association for Environmental Education

Regional Environmental Groups

Dolphin Research Institute
Friends Groups – Gateway
Landcare Groups – Gateway
Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve
Western Port Seagrass Partnership
Friends of Rokeby
Sustainable Land Management Trainers

Exploring Western Port

Western Port Maps

WP Interactive Map
Biosphere Map

Regional History

Western Port Chronology
Hastings Pioneer Cottage
History Portal
Short History of French Island
French Island History
Lang Lang District
Lang Lang Historical Society

Regional Tourism & Recreation

Cranbourne Botanic Gardens
Dolphin Research Centre & Excursions (Hastings)
French Island Tours
Ferry trips to French Island, Phillip Island & Seal Rocks
Koo Wee Rup Township
Mornington Peninsula     
Our Western Port & French Island
Phillip Island Nature Parks - Seal Rocks, Penguin Parade, Koala Reserve, Rhyll Inlet etc
Phillip Island     
Western Port Marina

Current Conditions

Marine Conditions

Victorian Coastal Weather & Tides

Monitoring & Condition Reports

Waterway condition in the Westernport catchment and western Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne Water)
Water Quality Data & Reports – Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse.
Better Bays & Waterways
Western Port Beach Water Quality Report (EPA)
Healthy Estuary Determinations – (EPA) (under development)
WP Bird Surveys
Distribution of sea birds in WP
Great Victorian Fish Count

Useful Maps

The Tidal Watershed of Western Port
Biosphere Map

Recent Major Reports

Dynamics, sediment transport, and morphology in a tide-dominated embayment - R.W. Sternberg 1, M. A. H. Marsden 2
A Quantitative Survey of the Macrobenthos of Western Port , Victoria
N Coleman, W Cuff, M Drummond and JD Kudenov

The Health of Streams in the Western Port Catchment (EPA Vic)

Seagrass in Western Port (EPA 1997)
Marine Water Quality Monitoring (EPA)
Water Quality Load Monitoring – PPB & WP (MW)
Western Port Beach Water Quality (EPA  05/06)

Important References

Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Nomination includes special features of region
(Parks Vic) – Geomorphology, Habitats, plants & animals etc.
Information Sheet on Ramsar Site – WP  Contains excellent descriptions of habitats and species.
Comprehensive list of references produced for Biosphere Application
Mangroves of NSW
Fauna of Mornington Peninsula

What You Can Do to Help at Home and Work

Melbourne Water – Stormwater Pollution Types and Source

EPA – Reducing stormwater pollution – A kit for home and business
Get Involved (Melbourne Water) 

Western Port Seagrass Partnership provides these links as a resource for the community.  If you find a broken or incorrect link please email us as so that we can keep this list current and accurate.

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