Vale Dr. Eric Herbert Mitchell ‘Tim’ Ealey

The Western Port Seagrass Partnership sadly notes the passing of Dr. Tim Ealey.  An active Director from 2005-2017, Tim was a devoted and highly respected environmentalist.

Fondly dubbed ‘Dr. Mangrove’, he inspired a broad audience to address issues affecting Western Port’s ecology.  Tim’s drive with inspirational leadership led a dynamic range of experimental trials to restore seagrass and mangrove vegetation throughout Western Port.  This legacy and the techniques he pioneered are the foundation for various agencies in the quest to achieve his goal.

Tim was certainly an inspiration for the community including numerous school and environmental groups, educational institutes and individuals.  His distinguished presence in the Bass Coast region is of particular note leaving valuable research findings for current and future generations.  A crusader for environmental science and education over many decades, Tim’s character and presence provided enrichment to us all in many ways.

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