Regional Flora

The energy system that supports life in Western Port is based on photosynthetic plants. Without these plants, there would be no food chain and Western Port could not sustain its diverse ecosystems and biodiversity.

These plants also play a vital role in stabilizing coast lines and mud flats and hence influence the water quality within the bay.

Similarly, the quality of the terrestrial ecosystems and the stability of the landscape and hence the quality of water flowing into Western Port is dependent on healthy and sustainable terrestrial plant communities.

The WPSP gives its priority attention to the preservation and restoration of marine and coastal plant communites, and in particular the seagrasses, mangroves and saltmarshes.

In the catchment, the WPSP fully supports the actions of the Landcare movement on private land and the efforts of Friends Groups and Authorities on public lands, to achieve sustainable landscapes by protecting and restoring native plant communities and practicing sustainable farming land management practices.

Key Marine and Coastal Species Groupings

This section currently provides information on Seagrasses, Mangroves and Saltmarshes. A section on algae will be developed at a later stage. Information in this section has been prepared by WPSP in good faith from publically available literature with the intention of assisting a better understanding and appreciation of these important species and ecosystems.

It is appreciated that knowledge about these species and ecosystems is improving all the time and that not all this knowledge is yet in the public domain. The WPSP welcomes any constructive analysis or reviews of the web site content and will gladly use such feedback to update the information provided so that the community can be accurately informed and be more empowered to protect these natural assets.