Western Port DVD Project

For a limited time, register here to receive a free copy of the Western Port DVD featuring a documentary hosted by John Clarke and featuring earlier footage from the 1970s and 80s.  Please note, this offer is available to Australian residents only.  International queries and multiple copies can be requested via our contact page and these education guides can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the DVD: 

WPSP DVD – Higher Education Guide
WPSP DVD – Teachers Guide

A Story That Needed Telling

Western Port and its catchment has many special features, many of which are rarely seen, understood or appreciated by the millions of people who travel through the region each year. Similarly there is a low level of understanding about some of the damage that has been done to this unique ecosystem and ongoing threatening processes that need to be addressed.

The WPSP strongly believes it must build public awareness and knowledge of these special features and threatening processes as a first step in achieving an appreciation of Western Port and a consequential desire to protect and restore the bay. This is not an easy or inexpensive task, but the Western Port Seagrass Partnership is fortunate in having a director who has the skills, passion and dedication to take on such a task. John Clarke, who is not only a highly respected media personality and recent inductee into the Logies Hall of Fame, but also a passionate environmentalist with a love of Western Port.

Making of the DVD

John Clarke has undertaken the major task of producing a DVD that not only will help promote Western Port’s special features and issues, but will also contain a wealth of reference material and documentaries made about Western Port. We have also been fortunate in having generous sponsorship for this project by ESSO, one of several large companies operating from Hastings.

Even with this assistance, the task of making this DVD would have been impossible had it not been for the voluntary and heavily discounted services provided by the network of technical experts that John Clarke has been able to enjoin into this project. We also wish to thank the many regional and scientific leaders who agreed to participate in the making of the DVD and shared their experiences, knowledge and views about this wonderful bay. The DVD was completed in 2008 and will be released in 2009.

Cameraman Darren Jones filming Tim Ealey as he explains coastal erosion process. Photo: J. Clarke WPSP.

Filming the little champions from Bass valley Primary School doing their bit to save seagrasses. Photo: J.Clarke WPSP

DVD Content

The DVD tells the story of how Western Port developed as a ‘sunk land’ thousands of years ago and how this gave it its physical character. It covers the consequent richness of the natural world in the area, its diversity and national and global significance in plant and animal life, in the sea, in the air and on the ground. It tells of the human history of the area and its impact on the natural world.

It explains the crucial importance of the quality of water entering the bay from the catchment. It covers the problems currently facing the bay, sedimentation, erosion and pressure from human population, taking into account that the further consequences of global warming may be radical in an intertidal environment.

It explores the way forward. What is being done and what needs to be done to save this rich natural world and the roles to be taken by individuals, schools, organisations and governments.

The DVD will be free and also features the following documentaries as extras:
A Bay in the Balance – 1975
Western Port The Catchment – 1980
Western Port The Islands – 1980
Western Port The Eco-system – 1980
An extended version of the 7.30 Report story featuring our own Dr. Mangrove