Progress Report for our Volunteers – Your Efforts are Yielding Results!

This year more than 50 volunteers planted nearly 3000 mangrove seeds and seedlings at Grantville and north of Lang Lang River, with funding from Port Phillip and Westernport CMA and Coastcare.

We’ve trialled several planting methods, aiming for a better understanding of how
mangroves establish, and improved survival of the seedlings.
What we’ve learned…..
  • Seeds and seedlings protected by slotted PVC tubes have higher survival than unprotected seedlings, so in future we’ll plant all our mangroves all in tubes.
  • The new tube design with slots to prevent them from acting as sediment traps has worked well. Most young mangroves die as a result of wave action, and we have reduced this appreciably by using slotted tubes.
  • Seeds planted directly into the mud had a low survival rate (9% at both sites), but this appears to be because they are washed away before they establish in the sediment. Once they established, the plants grew better than transplanted seedlings.
  • 12 month old seedlings have the best survival rate – 83% at Grantville, and 39% at Lang Lang. The lower survival at Lang Lang might be because of stronger waves and stems breaking when the plants grow above the protective tubes.

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