The environment of Western Port and its catchment shall be protected and restored to a state that can sustain a healthy, diverse and naturally productive ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

How WPSP Works to Protect Western Port

Our Role & Responsibility

The Western Port Seagrass Partnership, a not for profit Company limited by guarantee, has no statutory responsibility or direct natural resource management role or protection responsibility for Western Port or its catchment.

We act as independent custodians, advocates and champions for Western Port, and true to our name we do so by promoting positive partnership actions with the multitude of agencies, councils, businesses, private property holders and the community of the region.

If you would like to know a little more about our approaches, please read our brochure.
Some of our Beliefs and Activities.

Building & Sharing Knowledge

A core objective of the WPSP is to build and share knowledge about the ecosystem of Western Port and to encourage regional management decisions to be based on the resultant science knowledge.

One of our early key initiatives was a scientific seminar and workshop aimed at building shared knowledge about the ecosystem of Western Port and its seagrasses.
Background paper from 2001 Seminar

In particular, our first efforts at constructing an ecosystem model for the seagrasses and to examine the key factors influencing the health of these seagrasses.
Seminar synthesis

This model was subsequently tested by EPA Victoria with a series of field experiments involving and measurements of water quality, light availability and seagrass health.

This work confirmed the key factors predicted by the model.

Subsequent work by the Central Coastal Board and other agencies built upon the WPSP model to produce a more sophisticated model covering different segments of the bay.

The Central Coastal Board’s interagency research coordinating group then used the new model to identify missing information and what they believed to be the research priorities for Western Port.
CCB Western Port Research Coordination