Get Involved

Join Landcare, Coastcare & Friends Groups

The Western Port Seagrass Partnership works closely with a number of other regional community based organizations as part of the partnership of care for the environment of Western Port and its catchment. Working on projects in your community or neighborhood all contributes to the overall effort. So we encourage you to seek out and join these groups and where they don’t exist, think about starting your own group.

Speak up for Western Port

We live in a democracy with elected representatives at Municipal, State and Federal levels of Government.  These representatives try to keep their fingers on the pulse of public opinion and sentiment and direct their attention and the resources of these Governments to address emerging issues.

Western Port and the many living organisms that call it home have no voice in our system of government and they are reliant on everyday caring Australians to speak up on their behalf.

The Western Port Seagrass Partnership believes passionate communities gain attention and get results. We are not advocating critical outbursts against our elected officials, because nobody responds well to criticism. Rather we advocate positive, numerous and powerful advocacy. It is your right to speak out about concerns, but it is much more effective to advocate solutions and encourage as many people as possible to participate in the solution.

So we ask each and every person, regardless of age or circumstance, to take the time to communicate concerns and views and suggestions to their elected officials and your local media. Ring, write letters, email or drop in for a chat – it all adds up in the end.

If you have ideas you think the WPSP might be able to pursue or facilitate action on, please contact us an email and explain what you have in mind.

Do the right thing in your backyard and workplace

Many people live and work in the catchment of Western Port but give little thought about what they do in these locations and how these activities may impact on the waterways and the bay into which they discharge.

The WPSP strongly advocates personal, family and workplace attention to what goes down our drains, because this is the main route for pollutants entering Western Port. Each small contribution of pollution adds up to a sizable load by the time it reaches the bay.

Please consider the following practical suggestions on how you can make a difference.

Melbourne Water – Stormwater Pollution Types and Source

EPA – Reducing stormwater pollution – A kit for home and business
Get Involved (Melbourne Water)

Ask your School or University to sponsor research in the region

One of the best ways we can protect Western Port is to encourage investment in research because this generates the knowledge we need to better understand how the various ecosystems work and the most important influences at work. If we know these things we are better able to direct our time and resources to protect these ecosystems.

If you are a school student or a teacher, we would ask that you seek to incorporate learning experiences into your school curricula and projects that focus on Western Port and its various ecosystems. Where possible, look at ways to get practical experience including working with the WPSP on its projects or with Landcare, Coastcare or Friends groups.

For university students and academics we encourage you to put forward suggestions for research projects to your supervisors and faculty heads. The WPSP has a strong interest in research and we would like to hear your ideas and help advocate sound projects also.

Ask your employer and work mates to throw their support behind Western Port

If you work in the region, ask your employer if they would consider making a donation to the WPSP or other groups doing their best to protect Western Port. Encourage businesses to become a partner with WPSP and showcase their efforts to protect Western Port.

Keep and eye on the work practices too!  Be aware that sometimes we forget about where those spills and wastes end up when we clean up our workplaces. It often seems the right thing to clean up by washing things away down the drain – but remember these drians goes straight to our waterways and bay.  The front line defenders of our bay are often people just like you!