Fauna Identification

Fauna Categories and Identification Resources

To assist with the identification of animal species found in the Western Port region we have provided some typical categories (classes) of animals and the families of animals found within these categories.  Where possible we have provided both the scientific names and the common names to make it easier for your to narrow down your identification choices.

In addition to this we have provided an extract of the key regional species listed in the Biosphere application which should provide good guidance to the species likely to be found in the region.

Fauna Species List (PDF)

We have also provided some links to a number of web sites that provide helpful guides and indexes of animal species, many of which contain species names, descriptions and photographs. These should prove helpful in identifying the species you have discovered and photographed in the region.

Finally we have provided a few hints on how to go about identifying species in the field and checking on your determinations.

Fauna Identification Resources (PDF)

Once you have photographed and identified what you believe the species to be, you are ready to submit it to us for inclusion on this web site.

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