Improving Water Quality in Ramsar Wetland Area (Project 3786)

This was a partnership project between the Western Port Seagrass Partnership, the Bass Valley Primary School and the Australian Government Water Fund, led by Dr Tim Ealey.

The project had three key elements:

Improving water quality by planting mangroves to reduce coastal erosion.
Providing hands on educational experiences to primary school children.
Improving community awareness about the role and importance of coastal vegetation.

Apart from a regrettable incident where a vandal pulled up the first mangroves planted by the children, this project was highly successful, and has seen a marked change in community attitudes and appreciation of the role of mangroves.

Bass Valley Primary School teacher Tina Mayling takes her class onto the mudflats to plant the mangroves. Photo: T.Ealey WPSP

Dr Mangrove (Tim Ealey) holds a tray of mangrove seedlings grown by the children at Bass Valley Primary School.

The partnership with Bass Coast Primary School proved exceptionally good and is being used as a model to expand our engagement with other regional schools. The project also sponsored the school’s Easter Fair puppet show that featured puppets created by the children on the theme of the importance of seagrass, mangroves, sea creatures and water quality to the health of Western Port.

Final Report on Project 3786 – PDF